Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early intervention literacy program designed as a second chance for children whose literacy achievement levels in Year 1 are a cause for concern. The program aims to reduce the incidence of children in the early years experiencing difficulties in reading and writing. Reading Recovery procedures are derived from research on children's acquisition of reading and writing skills and are analysed in relation to current theories and practice to provide strategies for the development of literacy.

The program's goal is to assist children to develop independent reading and writing strategies to bring them to the level of their peers. The program is supplementary and short-term. 

Current competencies are assessed and form the starting point for planning individual programs. Programs are on a one-to-one basis of daily instruction, which are additional to regular classroom literacy activities. The focus is on comprehending messages in reading, and the construction of messages in writing.

Reading Recovery in South Australia

Reading Recovery is one aspect of the South Australian Department for Education & Child Development (DECD) Early Years Literacy Program and schools are strongly encouraged to consider how they can use Reading Recovery programs as their methodology for one to one targeted intervention for Year 1 children.

One hundred and twenty one teachers have been trained in DECD schools.   In 2003 a purpose built Reading Recovery Centre was built at Clapham. There are currently two tutors employed as part of the South Australian Early Years Literacy Program.

The aims of Reading Recovery are:

For further information contact:

Reading Recovery Centre
Barretts Rd
Clapham 5062
Phone: 8177 1266
Fax: 8177 1244

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