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"Assessing for Learning and Development in the Early Years using Observation Scales: REFLECT, RESPECT, RELATE" is a resource designed as a self-paced package to support educators of children from birth to age 8.

The package includes a set of scales for critically examining the interactions that take place between adults and children, educators' pedagogy, children's wellbeing and children's involvement. The Observation Scales have proved valuable for critiquing and informing practice through self-reflection and inquiry, ideally in collaboration with others.

The REFLECT, RESPECT, RELATE resource consists of:





In 2003, a South Australian joint research study between the University of South Australia and the Department for Education & Child Development (supported by an Australian Research Council grant) identified four variables of curriculum quality and used a set of observation scales to assess changes in curriculum quality correlated with the introduction and implementation of the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability framework in childcare centres.

Online Resources from the 'REFLECT, RESPECT, RELATE' resource

Handouts from presentations given by Ferre Laevers and Julia Moons at the launch of the REFLECT, RESPECT, RELATE' resource.

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